We're a committed team of former-startup operators hailed from world's best venture-back startups and community builders.

About us

We venture with moonshot founders.

Positioning & Approaches

We bridge the space between emerging startup founders and venture capital firms. Being developmental and founder-first in our practice, we take a highly bespoke, principled, and surgical approach to help early-stage founders to derisk their early-stage startup journey.

Our operation mandates are:

01 To Lower Startup/Venture Risks

02 Be Founder’s Partner

03 Assist in Devising Repeatable, Sustainable, and Scalable Business

System of Tactical Support

Advancing the way startups can be build and run with less risks is our approach in accelerating humanity closer to a scalable solution to address urgent challenges we all face today.

Start at Ground Zero

We plough and seed the foundational support needed to drive to attainable entrepreneurship skillsets, scalable innovative solutions and sustainable venture organizations.


In venture, actions speak louder than words. We are operators that built and grown value in venture enterprises. With track records of success.

Ventures we graduated from either: 

1. Turned profitable for the founders, or

2. Sold and helped institutional investors to exit, or

3. Raised rounds even in the toughest time

Neil Cheong

Chief Executive Officer/Co-founder

Alvin Chin

Chief Financial Strategy Officer/Co-founder

Clara Ma

Director of CoS School/Co-founder


Startup subject matter experts that put founders' need at first.

Greg Meehan

EiR Sales

Lee Gang

EiR AI & Data