Ignition Chamber Academy is a Venture Studio & Academy for exceptional early-stage startups.

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We help startups to learn, build and be backable through venture data, knowledge and wisdom to get them faster and safely to the next mission-critical milestone.

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Our philosophy

Startup risks can be better managed by tactical understanding and supportive teamplay.


Our philosophy

It's ok to fail. But, there is always an alternative to learn from other's mistakes and successes.


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Independent startup assessment that helps founders to attain clarity, objectivity and regain control of business performance.

Backable Quotient Assessment

BQ assessments is a comprehensive startup stage specific evaluation process that is built to stress test early-stage founders and their business performance to generate actionable & contextual insights towards Business Resilience, Readiness to Scale, and Probability of Receiving Investment.

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An arsenal for startup founders and operators to back themselves up for venture success:

Open for Application Starts in Mid-February 2023

High-intensity & immersive career building and placement program for individuals to be a strategic startup operative.

Chief of Staff School

SEA regional scale 1 month core training + 3 months startup immersion program with career placement opportunity for talents that seek to prove themselves to the best lieutenant and strategic operator.

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