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Greg Meehan 

EiR Sales

"Hi, do you want your car washed" 

That was my brother and I when we were 10 and 12 years old. We went around the neighborhood cold-knocking on doors selling car washing services. That was my first foray into the world of sales.

2008 was when I discovered how much I enjoyed the profession of selling, this was when I ran my own small boutique mortgage brokerage and didn't really know what I was doing however, it was when I realised that I live for Sales and Business Development.  Over time it transpired that the underlying thing that was driving me was watching others succeed; be it my clients, colleagues, friends, or family - success, whether in sales or just life, is the most satisfying thing for me, which is why I am such a huge advocate for giving back.  

It's been a long-standing mission of mine to create a better sales experience for everyone, whether you're on the sell side or on the buy side, which brings me to 2022 where I embark on helping early-stage B2B companies land their first clients, start developing revenue and sales strategies, and helping them formulate their GTM to become even more awesome!

10s of thousands of cold calls, rejections, losses, and big wins later I have a firm belief that sales can be better, and I want to help founders and CEOs realise thier business vision. That's why I was excited to get involved with Ignition Chamber. 

I've built and run sales teams from the ground up.As CRO I've overseen Sales, Marketing, Client Success, and Business Operations DepartmentsI've been through 2 acquisition playsand.... I've got more battle scars than you can shake a stick at.