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Clara Ma

Chief CoS School/Co-founder, EiR CoS

Clara is a self-titled “Generalist” who has worked in early-stage startups for the majority of her career. Starting out as a technical recruiter, Clara got her first taste of startup culture while pitching software engineers on the impact they could make at an early-stage company before deciding to join a startup herself. That kicked off a journey through a variety of startups, from a Bollywood dance fitness company with only 4 full-time employees to On Deck (300+).

In Clara’s career journey, she’s been a Director of Special Projects, Operations Manager, Chief of Staff, Program Director, and now Founder - all roles that operate in the messy middle of “generalist”!In leading the Chief of Staff School, Clara hopes to bring further more clarity and transparency to the Chief of Staff role. Having been a Chief of Staff herself, she knows how ambiguous and lonely the role can be, and so Clara has dedicated the last 3 years of her career to creating resources for aspiring and current Chiefs of Staff so that more people can feel successful in the role.

From writing a bi-weekly newsletter, to guest speaking on various Chief of Staff related podcasts, and runing a Chief of Staff and executive matching service, Clara is invested in the career longevity of the Chief of Staff role and seeing it continue to grow internationally!