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Alvin Chin

Chief Financial Strategy Officer/Co-founder, EiR Finance

As far back as he can remember, Alvin always wanted to be an entrepreneur.....Except that it never started out that way.

After graduating, Alvin spent his initial years at KPMG and then PwC in assurance and audit services, working primarily with clients in logistics, hospitality, casino gaming and FMCG.

Thankfully, an opportunity to continue the journey with Tune Hotels (part of Tony Fernandes' Tune Group) came around, where Alvin started a circuitous journey from managing the consolidated financial reporting, property acquisitions, debt funding, to operations management, strategic planning and optimization and finally leading the finance team over 2 spells.

In between, Alvin worked with a Malaysian oil and gas contractor, focusing on setting up the processes for effective accounting and finance policies, organizational development and hiring, contract bidding, cash flow planning and streamlining its yard operations as the company grew from RM28m to over RM120m in revenues in 2 years.

He moved on to GoQuo in 2015 where he served as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Strategy, overseeing its growth as a company alongside the founder from 2 to 25 airlines, from 20 to 180 people, 5x its revenues between 2015 and 2019, raising multiple rounds of funding from venture capital and strategic investors, and navigating through the pandemic until the company's exit in 2022.

Currently he serves as a director and advisor of several companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK, mostly tech companies ranging from travel, payments, lending and healthcare. A firm believer in "success has many fathers, failure only one", Alvin sees entrepreneurship as solving complex problems that no one is attempting - a job description rather than a job in itself.

So if your job requires you to solve problems that no one is attempting, you're already an entrepreneur.