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Lee Gang

EiR AI & Data

Lee Gang is a seasoned data science and AI professional with a passion for creating impact through the use of technology and data. He has a proven track record of developing and executing data and AI strategies to drive business growth. He currently holds the position of Data Science & AI Director and DPO at X0PA AI PTE. LTD. where he leads a team of data scientists and engineers in driving product development and implementation of AI-centric solutions. He also specializes in creating and implementing data and AI governance frameworks in accordance with regulations such as PDPA, GDPR and SGMAIGF.

He is versatile, having worked with both startups and large enterprises. He possesses strong business acumen and familiarity with the startup ecosystem, and also has experience working with cross-cultural and international teams. He is a problem-solver who is able to create simple solutions to complicated problems. He is highly innovative and a strong leader who is able to work collaboratively with clients and colleagues to achieve shared goals. His diverse background, experience and ability to work in cross-cultural and international teams make him a valuable asset for any organization, particularly startups, looking for a seasoned professional with both technical expertise, business acumen and passion to drive growth through data and AI strategy.