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Neil Cheong

Chief Executive Officer/Co-founder , EiR Operations

Neil has a keen eye for operation analytics and organization system design, rooted in years of analytical approach in tackling complex system scale and related social and commercial enterprise challenges.

In 2018, Neil began his entrepreneurial journey right after pivoting away from his Ph.D. research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He founded a local boutique creative and digital marketing consulting firm – a step up from freelance engagement in content writing. The following year, his deep interest in problem solve enterprise challenges motivated him to join two existing clients to digitize operations and turn around small enterprise businesses.

In mid-2019, he moved on to join a local affiliation of a global entrepreneurial community – Endeavor to select and facilitate growth-stage startup entrepreneurs in their scaling process. He oversees the support and community management of a portfolio of local growth stage startups with a value of >US$ 2.5bil before venturing out to start Ignition Chamber Academy. In the meantime, Neil also helps early-stage startups across SEA in their strategic and tactical planning to achieve Product Market Fit.

Neil has a Business Analytics certificate from The Wharton School is and currently a coach to the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre of Asia School of Business, ASB (affiliated university to MIT Sloan).He was a paleoclimatologist by training. Graduated with a Chinese government scholarship-funded research-based Master’s in Marine Geology degree from the Key Laboratory of Marine Geology, Tongji University, Shanghai where multidisciplinary analytical methodologies are the default practice to assemble the most accurate model of the earth’s ancient climate system to explain specific pre-historic events. He initiated the Ice-Cream Project – a six-year multi-cohort rural community outreach initiative of the Rotaract Club of Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Neil is awarded the Grand Prior’s Award from St. John Ambulance.